MedCyclones and European Storm workshops 2023


The presentations of the joint MedCyclones and European Storm Workshops that took place in Toulouse between 28-30 June 2023 can be found below. Navigate through the sessions by clicking one of the links:




1 – MedCyclones: A community effort to coordinate scientific research – Flaounas et al.

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2 – A brief history of the European windstorm workshops – David Stephenson

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Session 1 – Extratropical cyclone dynamics and processes (I)


1 – Toward the definition of “Medicane” – Miglietta et al.

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2 – A physical de scriptor phase space for Mediterranean cyclones – Gonzáles-Alemán et al.

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3 – Process based classification of Mediterranean cyclones using potential vorticity – Givon et al.

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4 – Quantifying relationships between measures of extra tropical cyclone intensity – Cornér et al.

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Session 2 – Extratropical cyclone dynamics and processes (II)


1 – The Linkage of Serial Cyclone Clustering in Western Europe and Weather Regimes in the North Atlantic European Region in Boreal Winter – Pinto et al.

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2 – Atmospheric blockings and downstream cyclones in the Euro Mediterranean sector – Loizou & Raveh-Rubin

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3 – The upstream downstream connection between North Atlantic and Mediterranean cyclones -Scherrmann et al.

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Session 2 – Windstorms, heavy precipitation and compound events (I)


1 – The Eastern Mediterranean Catastrophic Flash Floods in Antalya Turkey – Demirtas, et al.

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2 – Five year climatology and composite study of precipitation bands associated with extratropical cyclones over the British Isles – Zhang, et al.

Please contact the author via e-mail at tianhang.zhang[at]



Session 3 – Windstorms, heavy precipitation and compound events (II)


1 – Low level winds jets leading to damaging surface winds in Storm Eunice – Gray, et al.

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2 – Identification and climatology of high wind features within European winter storms – Eisenstein, et al.

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3 – A global climatology of sting jet cyclones – Harvey, et al.

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4 – Global analysis of cyclone induced compound precipitation and wind extreme events – Messmer, et al.

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5 – Cyclonic com pound ‘wet’ and ‘windy’ extremes in the Eastern Mediterranean – Hochman, et al.

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Session 4 – Climate change and variability in the past and future


1 – The cold front identification scheme MedFTS_DT in the Mediterranean and the estimation of related frontal precipitation, Flocas et al.

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2 – Impacts of global warming on the development of extratropical cyclones in idealized simulations, Chen et al.

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3 – Unravelling the large scale forcing of projected drying in the Mediterranean region, Keller & Garfinkel

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4 – Return levels of extreme European windstorms, their dependency on the NAO, and potential future risks, Priestley et al.

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Session 5 – Socio economic impacts and industry applications


1 – Future changes to risk from extratropical wind storms in Europe using Lagrangian feature tracking, Catto et al.

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2 – The impacts of European windstorms based on regional climate models and insurance perspective, Alifdini et al.

Please contact the author via e-mail at inovasita.alifdini[at]


3 – Windstorm losses in Europe What to gain from damage datasets, Mömken et al.

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4 – A framework for understanding the correlation between aggregated losses of compound events., Jones et al.

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5 – From High Waters to High Stakes, Attributing Acqua Alta Event s in Venice to Climate Change and the Efficacy of MoSE adaptation strategy, Faranda et al.

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Session 6 – Forecasts and predictions from weather to climate scales


1 – A model intercomparison project (MIP) to improve predictions of Mediterranean cyclones – Pantillon, et al.

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2 – Enhancement of the predictability of intense Medicane via warmer SST – Sanchez, et al.

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3 – Extreme weather forecasting at kilometre scale: insights from two case studies within the Destination Earth Initiative- Gascon, et al.

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4 – Investigating the predictability of Mediterranean cyclones and their severity – Doiteau, et al.

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5 – Seasonal forecast skill of severe winter windstorms over Europe and assessing the influence of dynamical factors – Degenhardt, et al.

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