WG3 Description



Mediterranean cyclone impacts on regional climate and the environment

Through close collaboration between researchers, forecasters and stakeholders, the main, still uncharted, impacts of cyclones on regional climate and the environment will be classified, including dust mobilization or hydrogeological hazards associated with cyclones. Also, innovative modelling and scientific issues will be identified in the context of impacts and suitable research approaches proposed. Therefore, brainstorming  and discussion is a core issue for this WG. Collaboration with WG1 and WG2, is necessary to acquire simulations, climatologies and observations to address the identified cyclone impacts and advance the state-of-the-art in the field. Involvement of stakeholders and professionals from weather and climate prediction centres is crucial for harmonising the research with socio-economic needs.


T3.1: Define the state-of-the-art in understanding cyclone impacts, in part by identifying missing observations and deficiencies in model applications at different time scales.

T3.2: Define and propose forecasting and climate prediction products, relevant to the newly identified cyclone impacts.

T3.3: Produce and publish scientific results on cyclone impacts and submit joint proposals for scientific or service projects.

T3.4: Identify, invite and interact with stakeholders and perform outreach activities to increase public interest and awareness of newly discovered impacts of Mediterranean cyclones on the environment and climate system.


D3.1: White paper addressed to Action members and stakeholders, about Mediterranean cyclone impacts on the regional climate and the environment, including future perspectives.

D3.2: Documentation addressed to stakeholders, on proposed new products on cyclone impacts, tailored to the needs of stakeholders (to be constantly updated).

D3.3: Mid-term report addressed to Action members and stakeholders of T3.4, describing scientific production so far and setting research orientations.

D3.4: Overview article addressed to the scientific community, on the environmental and climate impacts of Mediterranean cyclones.

D3.5: Yearly internal report addressed to Action members and stakeholders, on dissemination strategies, stakeholder involvement and products tailored to their needs.

  WG3 Initiatives