WG1 Kickoff meeting


Working Group 1 Kick-off Meeting

Process-based understanding of Mediterranean cyclones at weather time scales

Florian Pantillon 

LAERO, Toulouse 

First (online) meeting  9 December 2020 



Florian Pantillon: Introduction 

Manos Flaounas: Structure of the MEDCYCLONES COST Action 

Maria Hatzaki: STSM (Short-Term Scientific Missions) 

Margarida Liberato: Science Communication in the COST Action 


Talks to inspire research initiatives  

Marcello Miglietta: Overview of processes and open questions 

Gert-Jan Steeneveld: Example of model intercomparison 

Philipp Zschenderlein: Cyclone tracking and trajectories 

Manos Flaounas: Comparison of tracking algorithms 

Rémi Meynadier: Insurance company’s point of view