European network for Mediterranean cyclones in weather and climate


MedCPM: Mediterranean cyclones in convection-permitting climate simulations

Ségolène Berthou is coordinating the analysis of cyclones in existing CP simulations over different domains and the running of new simulations so that we can make the most of an ensemble to understand how explicitly simulating convection affects different types of Mediterranean cyclones.

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The MedCyclones COST action was presented at the CORDEX-FPS Convection annual meeting, and more specifially the MedCPM initiative, which aims at doing a climatological analysis of Mediterranean cyclones with high-resolution climate models, which can better represent convective rainfall.

The CORDEX-FPS Convection project has successfully built a km-scale ensemble of climate models over a pan-alpine region and shared the simulations on a common server. Institutions which have a domain covering parts of the Mediterranean agreed to share their simulations with the MedCPM initiative, which is a good outcome to increase the ensemble size. Having a diversity of models is key to increase robustness in climate change scenarios.



The Short-Term Scientific Mission entitled “Tracking Mediterranean Cyclones in convection-permitting climate simulations” lasted from 9 to 28 September 2021 at The Met Office Hadley Centre (MOHC) in Exeter, UK. The stay allowed the extension of the collaboration between the Regional Environmental Prediction group, led by Dr Ségolène Berthou (UK MetOffice); the Global High-Resolution Climate Modelling group, led by Dr Malcolm Roberts; and the group of Atmospheric Physics from the Department of Physics and Astronomy “Augusto Righi”, represented by Dr Leonardo Aragão (University of Bologna, Italy).

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